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League Rules

The New York City Soccer League (NYCSL) is an official National Soccer League,  member of US Soccer, FIFA

The NYCSL shall remain in good standing with the federation by following all rules set forth by by US Soccer and FIFA.

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  • NYCSL_GUIDE_Updated_2018docx.pdf 
  • DIVISIONAL AGE CATEGORIES 2017-2018 Age Categories
    6U Jan 1, 2012 13U Jan 1, 2005
    7U Jan 1, 2011 14U Jan 1, 2004
    8U Jan 1, 2010 15U Jan 1, 2003
    9U Jan 1, 2009 16U Jan 1, 2002
    10U Jan 1, 2008 17U Jan 1, 2001
    11U Jan 1, 2007 18U Jan 1, 2000
    12U Jan 1, 2006 19U Jan 1, 1999


Referee Fees






5U, 6U

4v4; 4x7 Min(1 Ref)

$15 per team

7U, 8U

4v4; 2x20 Min(1 Ref)

$20 per team

9U, 10U, 11U

7v7; 2x25 Min(1 Ref)

$20 per team


7v7; 2x30 Min (1Ref)

$25 per team

11v11; 2x30 Min(3 Ref)

$50 per team

13U, 14U

7v7; 2x30 Min (1 Ref)

$25 per team

11v11; 2x35 Min(3 Ref)

$60 per team

15U, 16U

7v7; 2X30 Min(1 Ref)

$30 per team

11v11; 2x40 Min(3 Ref)

$70 per team

17U, 18U 19U, 20U

7v7; 2x30 Min(2 Ref)

$50 per team

11v11; 2x45 Min(3 Ref)

$80 per team


7v7; 2x20 Min (2 Ref)

$50 per team

11v11; 2x45 Min (3Ref)

$90 per team

12U and older divisions shall use Offsides.

League Contacts

Rudolf Sanchez, League Director Phone: (646)379-3053 EMail:

Vini Pena, League GM Phone: (917)309-5360 EMail:

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